PP7 Raw Keto Beef Recipe for Adult Dogs

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Adult Raw Dog KETO (2:1 ratio) Beef Recipe with Supplements

This recipe was formulated for dogs with cancer and should only be fed as a part of a cyclical ketosis diet

There is no substitute for the supplements in this recipe and the recipe is intentionally low in methionine, iron and iodine

  • Calcium source: KAL Bonemeal
  • Contains 11 Supplements: Whole Foods Vitamin E 200IU, Whole Food Potassium, Whole Foods Chelated Zinc plus Copper, Algal 900-DHA, Thorne, Canine Basic Nutrients, Thorne Methyl Guard Plus, Carlson Chelated manganese, Solgar Vitamin A, Carlson Vitamin D3, The Vitamin Shoppe Magnesium Citrate, Ecological Formulas Kelp with Selenium