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Stainless Steel "Edible Tennis Ball" molds

Stainless Steel "Edible Tennis Ball" molds

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Dr. Becker got the idea of making gelatin-based “edible tennis balls” when she was writing The Forever Dog Life. It was around the holidays, so she was also making homemade bath bombs for (human) Christmas presents. She used the molds to test out a new enrichment recipe for dogs, which yielded perfectly jiggly, wildly engaging, bouncy, edible spheres.

She immediately searched the internet for ball molds made from safe, food-grade materials (bath bomb molds are made from plastic or aluminum 🤢). There weren’t any. So we contacted a commercial kitchen manufacturing company and asked them to make food-safe, stainless steel molds for us Longevity Junkies. They come in three sizes:

Small (7cm, about 3 inches in diameter), $7.99

  • Best suited for dogs up to 20 pounds

Medium (9cm, about 4 inches in diameter), $8.99

  • Best suited for dogs up to 40 pounds

Large (12cm, about 5inches in diameter), $9.99

For dogs over 40 pounds


Important: Always supervise your pet while eating any recreational treat. Recipes (and inspirational add-ins) can be found on page 134 of The Forever Dog Life book, or create your own delectable creations. The sky’s the limit, when it comes what you can do with these reusable, stainless steel forever molds. Wash molds by hand to avoid tarnishing the metal.

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